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Food   | The 4 Corners Pub - Silver Spring, MD

Have you ever been into a pub where the food was so good that you stopped going in there specifically for drinks but instead for the food? Well, we hope that you come into The 4 Corners Pub for both, but whatever the reason is that you come, we will be happy you are here.

Our food that we serve is fresh and delicious. Made by experienced cooks and chefs who know their trade, flavor and satisfaction are guaranteed with our food at The 4 Corners Pub. Many first time customers become regulars after trying our food, and some even start to prefer the food over the drinks! We believe that serving food at a pub can make a customer’s visit a well-rounded and satisfactory experience and many clients tend to think so as well.

Drinking a cold one while eating a delicious burger and fries or trying one of our top picks off of our menu, will be sure to satisfy your hunger and thirst and bring you back again and again. The 4 Corners Pub in Silver Spring, MD is proud to offer food with our beverages because we know that people like to visit us not only for our top quality brews but also for the delicious items from our varied menu.

Whether you’ve visited us before or not, our food will stay on your mind to remind your taste buds how much you loved what we served. Don’t hesitate to give our menu a try! Call us today!

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